Initial Launch

Features: • Homepage - basic laravel welcome screen with the copy updated to be my name and position. Removed the default links. Added a link to the contact form. • Contact page - basic contact form with first name, last name, email and message as fields. • General notes - contact form is handled through a request. Really like that approach, will use it going forward.
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Update - 0.1

Features: • Homepage - updated copy to say that I'm live developing on Laravel. • Contact page - removed the default Laravel header and replaced with Jerrod Long - Developer.
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Update - 0.2

Features: • Homepage - added a link to
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Update - 0.3

Features: • Blog - added a very basic blog with Title, Excerpt, and Body fields.
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Update - 0.4

Features: •Tag -- Added the Tag and Taggables classes and setup the many-to-many relationships for "tags". I'll be sorting my various types of content with said tags.
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Update - 0.5

Features: •Projects -- Created the Project model and related requests to CRUD projects. A project is something I'm working on or will be working on soon. They can accept the Many to Many relationship of Tags.
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